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Escape route systems in the 20th century is in great development. New techniques have made a lot of the improvement and at the same time the demands for safety has increased. In the sense of always being alert and following the safety regulations provided and obligated by the standards set by the directives for approved escape route markings and signs.

This homepage shows new and current methods that you can choose from: Luminating or an electro luminating 12 or 24 volts system.

Electro luminating Light thread has many advantages in an escape route. It glows strong, is easy to implement in difficult or sensitive environments, water or damp escape routes, can handle strokes to the line and signs and does not produce any heat.

It can be implemented by you; however the electro installation has to be done by a professional.

We truly hope that our homepage will cease your interest. We adjust our system to your specific needs.

Here you can contact us for questions and comments and we will together find the suitable conclusions.

VD  Keith Ehlén

Keith Ehlen

Strenghts as a person:

Have signs and guidepost systems as the pedagogical Idea.
Easy to speak to employees.
Very good customer contact.
A very good ability to listen.
Have a curiosity on innovation.
A strong innovator.
Capable to high levels of stress.
An entrepreneur where all aspects can be included.
Has a strong project stamina and a "driver" of ideas.
Has the ability to see possibilities that not necessarily are the normal ones.
Treats the customer with respects and gives the necessary time.

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