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The Bright Future – (Creating Light)
Nobody wants to experience a moment of crisis. Escape routes are often a forgotten priority. Many are not fully aware of the vital importance the escape route has for saving lives. Creating Light works to develop and specialize in innovative products for escape routes. This includes our mission; to see to that people can easily find there way out in a safe manner and that the rescue workers can go in and save lives and find their way back to safety more easily.
A 905 AB - Creating Light was established by Mr.Keith Ehlen and partners during spring 2006 and works for Health, Environment and Safety (HES). Within our company we have 35 years of experience for securing escape routes through glow marking and pioneering systems for this, to the present developing new signs and light diods. The Team has experience from the aviation industry, Swedish car and aviator SAAB, American airplanes, The Space Industry and single handed projects throughout Scandinavia.
The first project as A 905 - Creating Light has been the new Opera House in Oslo Norway, “Den Norske Opera” in Bjørvika. High competence and a high level of experience have contributed to an immense search and interest in innovation in constantly developing a safe and proper way out to safety.
The Electro luminating combined with our unique signs system enhances the escape route in places where we up until now have struggled to find good solutions with after glowing systems – water areas, buildings with poor lighting, places with low rate of workers that be in tunnels. Marking in ships is an area where we today can deliver IMO`s demands for a totally new way of thinking with special adopted signs.
The Light thread produces 60 times better light than after glowing material. That means and makes it possible that everything in the room can be seen where the thread is installed. There are also produced special adapted signs with text and symbols with the use of the light.
Our products have the advantage that they can “follow” the construction from start to finish. The thread and system can easily be relocated and reused for a permanent use. The total cost and the cost of maintenance decreases tremendously as a result of this.
A 905 - Creating Light is a collaborator in the true sense that we want to find the best solutions for securing the escape routes in a professional and good fashion. A 905 - Creating Light is a result of curiousness of creating better solutions for safety.  We have a strong focus to adjust our products and services to the challenges and needs the specific project might have. We clearly see the importance in a cross disciplinary collaboration in different fields and we have strong partners, such as Borre havarivernskole FKF / If Sikkerhetsutbildning Hobøl. Also companies that develop escape plans that are pedagogical in its information and messaging. We enhance signs and light systems with a pedagogical function for the one who needs to escape and adjusted to the surroundings what ever they may be.
                    - 2006 Keith Ehlén -